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Togetherness is a must, or we will soon be wiped out – Quotes Of The Day

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Who we are today is made by the history – Quotes Of The Day

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If there is one thing which you can’t live with and live without at the same time, she is a woman.

quotes of the day for woman

quotes of the day for woman

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If the Bachelors have consciences, then the married men have their wives.

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Changes and growth are the evidence of life.

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funny quotes of the day

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A few kindness can do more wonders to the drooping heart than any balm – Quotes Of The Day

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Drawing is a way of expressing what the lip cannot.

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Protecting the nature is protecting the mankind.

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Women learn to take care of their husbands from the mother – Quotes Of The Day

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Trusting is good, but you still need to verify.

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Facts and idea are two different things, just like telephone books contain facts but not ideas.

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Sweet smelling flower could be dead – Quotes Of The Day

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A man with punctuality goes a real long way.


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Hate is a burden to live with, live without any difficulty with love.

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There is always a deeper meaning in all art for art, is an expression – Quotes Of The Day

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Though others may know what is right, you still need to lead them gently, else it won’t work.

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The talkative man is the lover; silent is a husband.

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The artist is someone who gives a ray of light to the darkest hearts.

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Rose wouldn’t be of its value if the thorns were not there.

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One day, the computer might just outsmart mankind, and the reason will be us.

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Some people emphasis on the quantity, but I felt that the quality is utmost important for it will lead to volume – Quotes Of The Day

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Shadows disappear only when the sun appears.

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When I say that the God is one, they say that I’m crazy, funny people everywhere.

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The world is in such a poor condition that all the shouldn’t are becoming a must!

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Count to ten when you are angry, if it doesn’t work, try hundred.

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I feel that arguments are pointless as they never will seek to listen to others, it’s the opposite action of discussion – Quotes Of The Day

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When you label others, you pretty much left little room for any changes, even if it occurs.

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Defeat should be personal and not the principles.

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Pebbles may cause men to stumble, but never the mountains – Quotes Of The Day

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The day you love doing your job is the day you are paying attention to your passion.

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