Sad Love Quotes About Life

Sad Love Quotes About Life

hello guys, in the last article we wrote and spoke about true love quotes, and saw how quotes can effect in Our relationships so, this site ( love quotes ) has Special quotes just for you to put and draw a smile on your face, but in this article we gonna speak about sad quotes, Therefore Prepare yourself well To enjoy with us the best sad love quotes about life you had ever seen before are you ready?… let’s go.

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Whatever the world moves us away your name will stay etched in my heart ~ Sad Quote

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A relationship where you can lounge around doing nothing, yet at the same time have some good times cause you’re as one = extremely valuable


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On the off chance that you live to be a hundred, I need to live to be a hundred short one day, so I’m I had never lived without you

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I’m happiest when I’m right by you

I’m happiest when I’m right by you

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Love you without reason, for reasons unknown I need you, need you likewise without reason, yet I know you are only the man I’m searching for

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quote 6

you have no clue that it is so difficult to drive myself to quit considering you at times

quote 7

since i have you, i anticipate keeping you as well

quote 8

I think about whether you grin when you hear my name as i do when i hear yours

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quote 9

Three straightforward words. I love you. let’s assume it, mean it, and live by it

quote 10

I couldn’t care less when am will bite the dust, all I think about I carry on with whatever is left of my existence with you

short sad quotes
short sad quotes

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