Islamic Quotes And Sayings About Life With Images

Amazing Islamic Quotes

Islamic Quotes: Great-Muslim religious significance quotes Enjoy reading this following the Islamic quotes They are really wonderful, I know more about the Muslim religion and tolerance of Islam through the Islamic quotations.

Best Islamic Quotes about Life images | Islamic quotes

Best Islamic Quotes about Life images

Islamic Quotes with beautiful images

Islamic Quotes with beautiful images

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Always be together with somebody who reminds you of Allah.

Islamic Quotes

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Often people, who have worst past, build the very best future – Islamic Quotes

islamic quotes about life with images

islamic quotes about life with images

#Quote 3

Always try to speak very good either keep on quiet.

Islamic Quotes Images

#Quote 4

As soon as all the others may get away with you, Allah will still be with you like he always.

islamic quotes about love

#Quote 5

Once you are upset at somebody, don’t forget Allah’s Mercy on you if you disobey him – Islamic Quotes

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#Quote 6

In case you are in doubt ask help from ALLAH. Istikhara pray will help you too much.

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#Quote 7

When Jinnah is your wish, MAINTAIN RESTRICTED to your religion! – Islamic Quotes

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#Quote 8

If you find absolutely no way ALLAH can make the best way – Islamic Quotes

Amazing Islamic Quotes

#Quote 9

Kindness is the important thing in faith. Anyone who isn’t kind doesn’t have faith.

beautiful Islamic Quotes

#Quote 10

As a Muslim is a lot more than only going to the mosque. ALLAH wants from us Interest, not our Attendance.

Islamic Quote

Islamic Quote

#Quote 11

Who will help us solve our problems? Just ALLAH.


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It was definitely not Muslim who has made Islam good.  Islam which has created great Muslim.New Islamic Quotes

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Somebody right now is combating for his life. So be thankful for ALLAH that you still have yours – Islamic Quotes

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#Quote 14

Allah still shows mercy to those which disobey Him. Imagine how much he loves those who obey him.

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#Quote 15

To be Muslim is for the whole day. It is not just 5 times for 5 prayers per day – Islamic Quotes

Islamic Quotes

Life Quotes

  1. After all, this time, the sun never says that the earth owes the sun.
  2. Never make the mistake of considering people who are inconsiderate.
  3. A man who is daring enough to waster a whole one hour haven’t discovered the real value of life.
  4. If your fate doesn’t change, try changing your attitude.
  5. No one has the right to control your life other than you and your parents, for only because of your parents that you have a life.
  6. Your parents have all the rights to your life, for it is because of them that you have one.
  7. With your eyes closed, life becomes easy to live.
  8. The right things will never be the easy things.
  9. In life, some things are best-kept secrets for life.
  10. Don’t try very hard to fit in in life, maybe you are born to stand out.
  11. I think that death is more peaceful than living the life.
  12. Death is a terrible final and life are full of possibilities.
  13. When compared with the starts, your problems in life would not matter so much.
  14. Death is nothing but a mere part of the life.
  15. People will get the price for how they treated you, and you will get your price for how you react towards them.
  16. The life of your dream is the biggest adventure.
  17. God always laugh at your plans in life.
  18. Life is about living, and not sitting down and complaining.
  19. Whining and regretting, life doesn’t work that way, buddy.
  20. If something is so important to you, do it no matter what, even if you fail, you will have the satisfaction that at least you have tried your best.
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