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35 Cute Best Friend Quotes - Short Quotes About True Friends

35 Cute Best Friend Quotes – Short Quotes About True Friends

50 Cute Best Friend Quotes About True Friendship

50 Cute Best Friend Quotes About True Friendship

  1. Life is tasteless without that one annoying friend – Best Friend Quotes

Best Friend Quotes

2. I miss that one annoying friend the most – Best Friend Quotes

Friend Quotes

3. My life is a total disaster, but I feel better with you by my side my friend – Best Friend Quotes

Best Friend Quotes Images

Best Friend Quotes Images

4. When the world is dark, I’ll know my friend will come with a candle in his hand.

New Best Friend Quotes

5. I can’t be angry with you for more than 2 hours because I have some important things to tell you.

funny best friend quotes

6. A holiday is not a holiday well spent if you didn’t waste it totally with your friend.

short best friend quotes

7. Union of two spirits is what friendship is – Best Friend Quotes

cute best friend quotes

8. I don’t need angels to look after me; I have my friends for that.

friendship quotes

9. My friend irritates me the most, and he is also the one who love me the most – Best Friend Quotes

best friend poems

10. God knows that angels can’t be everywhere, so He sent friends instead – Best Friend Quotes

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  1. Friends are those who understand you, just a little bit more than you do – Best Friend Quotes
  2. I will like to die one day before you do so that I don’t have to live without you, my friend.
  3. I’m glad that we did not stay strangers for long – Best Friend Quotes
  4. You can talk bad about me, but if you talk bad about my friend, dude you are in serious trouble.
  5. A friend is someone who has the patience to listen to all of your dramas over and over again.
  6. A good friend is equal to thousands of good books.
  7. Girls can survive without anything but a friend.
  8. Boys can survive anything but their best buddies.
  9. I smile because you are my friend, I grin because there is nothing you can do about it.
  10. My friends love me more than I do and care about me more than I do.
  11. You feel useless, but only a friend will think you as a gemstone.
  12. I know I’m your friend, but when you fell, please do give me some time to laugh first.
  13. I can give my life for my friend, but he seriously will pay for that.
  14. The secret recipe for life is friends.
  15. I’m keeping you in my heart because good friends don’t come by often.
  16. A real friend will only get in your way when you are going down.
  17. Friends are those who change the password in your laptop and went to out station.
  18. The best love is the friendship love – Best Friend Quotes
  19. Even we are millenary of miles away; we will still be friends by heart.
  20. Hell will be heaven with friends and heaven will be hell without friends.
  21. My worst nemesis and my greatest friend are the same people.
  22. When no one understands you, be sure that your friends will.
  23. A life without a friend is a wasted life.
  24. Friends who turn into couples are the best.
  25. We fight all the time, but we will be there for each other when someone bullies any one of us.
  26. Only I can talk bad about my friends – Best Friend Quotes
  27. When you show up in front of my door with a dead body in your hand, trust me, my friend, I’ll take a shovel and just follow you without asking.
  28. It hard for me to be angry with you because I’ll start laughing just by looking at your face.
  29. I’ll trust no one when they say it all will be OK, but I believe my friend when he says that.
  30. There are no fake friends; there is the only traitor who is not friends at all.
  31. You are the luckiest if you have even one lucky friend.
  32. Any problem seems small if my friend is with me – Best Friend Quotes
  33. If I’m in the mental hospital, I’m sure you will be in the next bed, my friend.
  34. If you have a crazy friend, then you have everything in this world.
  35. I have no idea what I’ll do without my friends.
  36. A friend is someone who understands the meaning of every grin on your face.
  37. Break my friends’ heart, and I’ll break your face.
  38. Life feels so good when I’m with you, my friend.
  39. She is not my friend, more like a personal diary.
  40. She came and never left, she is my friend.
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