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My friends are my assets – Friends Quotes

Friends Quotes

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Friends together in shade and sunshine, forever – Friends Quotes

Friend Quotes

Friend Quotes

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An honest friend is the most valuable gift – Friends Quotes

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Quote 4

Friends will believe in your potential, but it is the enemies that will make you live up to it.

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Friendship can even turn a lamb into a lion – Friends Quotes

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Quote 6

Only the heaven is half better than the real friend.

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Quote 7

Only a true friend will steps into your life when everyone else step out.

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Quote 8

A friend is someone who sings the line back for you when you have forgotten the words of a song.

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Quote 9

A real friend talks bad things in front of you and good things behind your back.


Quote 10

Walk beside me my friend, for I believe we can conquer the world together then.

Friends Quotes

Friends Quotes

Quotes 11

Meaning is the language of friendships, and not words – Friends Quotes

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You can be your worst self with that one friend and still feel awesome inside.

Quote 13

A friend is worth more than a thousand words – Friends Quotes

Quotes 14

Until they prove otherwise, everyone is a friend.

Quote 15

It doesn’t matter who you know the longest, but who you know the most.

Quote 16

The most you can do for a friend is simply be a friend – Friends Quotes

Quote 17

Sometimes, the most opposite personalities are what makes the best friend.

Quote 18

I may have thousands of fake friends, but I have one real friend – Friends Quotes

Quotes 19

I hated you the first time I saw you, look at us now; we are best friends!

Friends Quotes 20

Friendship, is the connection between the two hearts, nothing else matter.

Quote 21

I hope I have the chance to tease you till the moment death comes to me.

Quote 22

Being silly with a friend is the greatest therapy ever.

Quote 23

You are weird, and that is why you are my best friend – Friends Quotes

Quote 24

Friends, they burst out laughing for no reason when they see each other.

Quotes 25

We may not be sisters, but we are friends.

Quote 26

There is no life without friends.

Quote 27

When the world uses the back on you, a real friend will face you and smile.

Quote 28

Even if you hate yourself sometimes, a friend will always love you.

Quotes 29

Friend are like a four leaf clover; they are hard to find but lucky to have – Friends Quotes

Quote 30

Friends are the closest to the family.

Quotes 31

Your relatives might disappoint you, but a friend will never.

Quote 32

Talk for hours and yet not enough time, they are friends – Friends Quotes

Quotes 33

Even the deepest sadness, a word with your friend will carve a smile on your face.

Quote 34

Dear friend, you are in a very safe place that is in my heart.

Quote 35

If you can find someone as crazy and retarded as you, then my dear, that person is your best friend.

Quote 36

Without you my friend, I would not have survived many moments in my life – Friends Quotes

Quotes 37

When you are crying, your best friend would not be there with you, because he is busy digging a hole to bury the loser that made you cry.

Quote 38

I’m not popular, but when I’m with my friend, I feel like a celebrity.

Quote 39

I hope we grow old together, and some day our kids will be best friends just like us.

Quote 40

I knew I’ll be on an adventure soon the moment I saw you.

Quote 41

The friendship that breaks hurts more than anything.

Quotes 42

Real friends believe in you and ignore the rest of the world.

Quote 43

A friend might not be with you all the time, but he will be there when you need someone.

Quote 44

Nothing feels better than talking to a friend – Friends Quotes

Quote 45

When I’m with my friend, I always feel like God is fast forwarding my life.

Quote 46

My friends’ friends are also my friends.

Quotes 47

The priceless memories where you communicate with your friend by just face expressions.

Quote 48

Friends are like the chocolate chips on a cookie, the more, the better – Friends Quotes

Quote 49

You know me well, and yet you love me, my dear friend.

Quote 50

It’s enough for life even if you have one real friend.

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