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Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes Images

Inspirational Quotes Images

Inspirational Quotes Here are some inspirational quotes to brighten your day

Inspirational Quotes Here are some inspirational quotes to brighten your day

Quote 1

Laughter is like the soap; soap cleans the body; whereas laughter, the soul.

Inspirational Quotes

Quote 2

Gratitude has the power of turning your routine work into joy.

Inspirational Quotes

Quote 3

Gratitude can turn your common day to a Thanksgiving day.

Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes 4

Look at the flower at the roadside and keep your face to the light, and then you are heading to the happiness.

Inspirational Quote

Quote 5

When the power of love overtakes the love of power, the world will be in peace.

Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes 6

Nothing is as good as the laugh, burst from the belly, overflows and affects the others.


Quote 7

You have just wasted a day without a laugh.

inspirational quotes about life

inspirational quotes about life

Quote 8

When you have problems, laugh it out, you realise that your laughter is much worse than your problem.

Inspirational Quotes

Quotes 9

Dream, for a dream, is the rest to the soul.


Quote 10

Do the don’ts and shouldn’t, for that is the best way to learn.

short inspirational quotes

short inspirational quotes

Inspirational Quotes 11

A smile on the lip can be very contagious.

inspirational bible verses

Quote 12

Sometimes, the end you thought is the new beginning.

motivational quotes

motivational quotes

Quote 13

Throw the fear, for the world, is yours and yours alone.

funny inspirational quotes

Quote 14

If you are happy for just this one moment, then you will be happy for life.

inspirational sayings

Inspirational Quotes 15

Nothing is wrong in seeking happiness, but you should seek it inside and not out.

inspirational love quotes

Quote 16

Tomorrow is not another day; tomorrow is another life, so start fresh.

short inspirational quotes

Quote 17

Whatever is your desire, do it this very moment, for life must just melt away like the snowflake in our hands.

Inspirational Quotes

Quotes 18

Life’s ultimate goal is to be contented.

Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes

Quote 19

Take life as it is, accept the fact, the peace will follow you.

inspirational quotes about life

Quotes 20

Just like charity, peace begins at your home.

Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational quotes 21

It is the passion that makes the heart beats faster in excitement.

Quote 22

If you haven find your passion, keep looking, maybe you are just looking at the wrong place.

Quote 23

When you have nothing to live for, live, for your passion.

Quote 24

The soul, desires and passion have a special connection in which they create a feeling that one could die for.

Quote 25

Forget and forgive all, and love, for your heart is too small to hold those painful memories.

Quote 26

Even the wicked person can be awakened with the power of love.

Quote 27

One who is unbeatable is the one who just won’t give up.

Quote 28

I don’t pray to be protected from danger, I pray that I am given the strength to face the danger.

Quote 29

When the flower is dirty, only then the lotus looks beautiful.

Quotes 30

Defeats are there for a reason, for you to realise your unknown capability.

Quote 31

Whatever that happened in your life, just carry on because life’s moves on.

Quote 32

Love is like a trap, but then again, there is no point in living a life so secure without any trap.

Quotes 33

It is only common to forget the things happened if it is undesirable.

Quote 34

It is the same boiling water that softens the potatoes, harden the egg.

Inspirational Quotes 35

There’s no certainty that what happens to others will also happen to you under the same circumstances, so dare to take chances.

Quote 36

Confidence is directly proportional to our capacity they say.

Quote 37

Sometimes, what is hard for the rest will be a piece of cake for you, so take the risk.

Quote 38

If you are with the person you love, you will never be alone.

Quote 39

Confidence is superior to all the powers in the world.

Quote 40

When you have forgiven the evilest person, only then you will realise the true power of love.

Quotes 41

You have truly forgiven someone when you are grateful for the experience that that person gave you.

Quote 42

Travelling makes a man wise, and staying indoors makes a man ignorant.

Quote 43

Women who couldn’t control their anger and men who couldn’t control their greed never let a happy life ever.

Quote 44

When you see what everybody have done, and think the thought that nobody has ever thought before, it is called as a discovery.

Quote 45

The difference between a common man and a genius is the risk taken in actions.

Quotes 46

The difference between a genius and a common man is the thought of flying instead of falling.

Inspirational Quotes 47

Only when it is dark enough that you will be able to see the stars.

Quote 48

When love touches you, you will be a poet.

Quote 49

It is the greed that wins the battle between the desire and greed.

Quote 50

Only those who live in light will be afraid of the dark, he who lives in the dark will not.

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