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Imagination is the relaxing time to the soul – Quotes Of The Day

Quotes For The Day

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Dropped the Twilight curtains, with pinned stars – Quotes For The Day

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The best role model for a child is the parent – Quotes For The Day

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It is again when you sacrifice pleasure to avoid pain – Quotes For The Day

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Bitter tears are often the price for love – Quotes For The Day

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The time doesn’t rush, but yet everything is done on time – Quotes For The Day

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When a bird starts to feel the light even at the dark dawn, it is called as faith.

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Admiring with the heart is love, and loving with the mind is admire.

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Saddest sight is a young pessimist.

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Life is a drawing art, but without an eraser.

Quotes of The Day

Quotes of The Day

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You can choose to discipline yourselves, or the world will do it for you – Quotes For The Day

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Sooner or later, the fall of water will wear the stone.

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Age doesn’t matter, unless if you are a cheese or wine.

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There is something marvellous about everything in this nature.

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Your first thought in the day is what decides your time.

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To be trusted is greater than to be loved.

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Never regret the things that never happened, it might be for good.

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Artist is the only person who writes their autobiography.

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Take the sun, stars and the moon as a guide and live your life.

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Patience tends to achieve more than the force.

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The power, not used correctly causes corruption.

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Love becomes sharper with absence and stronger with presence – Quotes For The Day

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It is the cracked pot that can be found a genius, not a whole pot.

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Only forgiveness can warm the heart and cools the sting.

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You must love if you wish to be loved.

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Anyone who says that life is not a pain is selling something to you.

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A bad day will never equal to an excellent time.

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What you are on the outside shows the inside you – Quotes For The Day

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A path without any obstacles will lead you nowhere.

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One day, you will at the place you wanted to be, it all depends on you.

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