Best Short Quotes

Best Short Quote

Best Short Quotes but contain many meanings in this small camel.

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Nothing is too big for a try and nothing is too small to know – Best Short Quotes

Best Short Quotes

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Every new day is a change to change the thing you want to change in life – Best Short Quotes

Short Quotes

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New thinking and new power come with a new day – Best Short Quotes

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You only need one reason to continue above the hundred reasons to quit – Best Short Quotes

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Life, it is all up to you.

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It is indeed a good day to have a good day today – Best Short Quotes

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You can’t face today if you are still clinging to yesterday – Best Short Quotes

Best Short Quote

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Discipline, when practised every day becomes a success – Best Short Quotes

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Believe me, you have everything, you just got to know when to choose what – Best Short Quotes

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Maybe those bad days are there to help you appreciate the good days that are yet to come.


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If you lack of something, try together, it always works.

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Dreams do get lost sometimes, then they come back better in shape.

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The greatest architecture of society ever, are the women.

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A brand new day, let’s try something you never tried before.

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What is today is your last day, what will be the first thing that you would like to do?

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Think for a second, are all those grudges worth it?

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Whether you be sad or happy, the ending will never change, so why not be happy instead.

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Love is another word for forgiveness.

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Going through life is not meaningful, growing through life is.

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Excuses exist only when you don’t want to do something.

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Life is beautiful just the way it is, you just have to realise that.

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Doubts have the ability to destroy success forever.

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Look around you and decide what you want to do next.

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Your days will sum up to be your life, so spend it wisely.

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The price of anything depends on the thing you are exchanging for.

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No one can define you but you.

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Listening is the strongest persuading technique ever known.

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Building a relationship is not as important as maintaining it.

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Listening is the greatest sign of respect.

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When you are busy procrastinating, life is speeding up.

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To beat mere talent, you only need motivation.

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Learn to give, even when you know you will get nothing in return.

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Dreams are big when they look scary.

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Set a goal all day and achieve it before the end of the day.

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Don’t be too busy in choosing your role model, be a role model yourself for others.

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Adding life to days is much important than adding days to life.

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Never complain of anything, try to fix it yourself.

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Always give your best, for that is the time to show the world your quality.

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A failure doesn’t lead to another, but experience does.

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Never bother about who will let you, bother about those who won’t let you.

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