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Quote 1
Tonight when flowers caresses the grass, when quietly night dream for day, tonight when everybody sleep in heaven, I am thinking of you and your hug ~ Thinking Of You Quotes

thinking of you quotes for her
thinking of you quotes for her

Quote 2
When I think of you the smile is on my face, my arms need yours, my eyes need yours and my body need yours.

thinking of you quotes for him

Quote 3
Through my live passed many people and get some memories, but you, you are something special I think about you every night every moment and I will never let you go.

thinking of you quotes funny

Quote 4
Tonight here, without you I realize how much you mean to me and how much I need you. When I look at the stars, I think about you and I am happy that we are under same sky.

thinking of you quotes

Quote 5
Tonight I am thinking about our relationship. Is there a way our paths cross again? We go in parallel but on different ways. I think about your look…what your eyes want to know, why you want to leave me.

thinking of quotes
thinking of quotes

Quote 6
Ah…memories, memories…Sometimes you want all back. And sometimes you want far away from all. I am thinking about you. What are you to me? Maybe you will come back to me, but maybe you will be the stranger who knows me very well


Quote 7
When I think about you I am helplessly. I feel like pain jets all around me in every second. Yesterday you told me that you will call today. And today will be day after tomorrow. But you will always be the same


Quote 8
I am thinking of you, you are unashamedly loving. Deucedly good. Hedonistic lover. Outrageously seductive. But you are not mine. Not anymore

thinking of you quotes images
thinking of you quotes images

Quote 9
You are my bright spot in dark days, You are my book that will make me read in one breath, You are my hot coffee which wake me every morning. You are my first thought, my life, my pleasure… You are mine and that is what make me alive

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Quote 10
I am thinking about you. Please be my reality who is better than dream, be trough who will ever be in my head. Be my pretty pleasure, be my temptation from the start till the end. memory that never fades. Be story which worth to tell. Be my love.

thinking of you quotes for her images

Quote 11
You will be my first through for long time, for a long you will be that I need, just like morning coffee. And I will stay yours for long… That is why I will be alone.

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Quote 12
Tonight I thinking about you. Here is a big ocean who is going on my face. I am writing letter, words who never be told. Handwritten words is more important than tolled. Handwritten words never lie. And tonight, tonight tears will be smiles, not for that which is passed, but for that which is happened.

thinking of you quotes goodreads

Quote 13
I am thinking about you… You always know how to be satisfied with trifles, and they make you complete. But I am that person who never know and never learn from you how is feeling to enjoy in them.

thinking fast and slow quotes

Quote 14
I am thinking about you. When I look in your eyes and they swallowed me. They have turned the floor underfoot and mixed my head. Your look is simple but too much to be able to submit.

thinking quotes in english
thinking quotes in english

Quote 15
I am thinking about you. I will create you again. But create for not exist. I will create you for despaired. For not bother my minds, soul and body. This is how I will create you for be my perfect

thinking quotes short

Quote 16
I am thinking about you and notice stars really bright stronger and moon is over us. I am smiling. I feel complete. In her I found star which is stronger than all. That is enough for me.

Quote 17
I will think about you when everybody will forget you. And I will tell your name when I will lost my voice. Come here anytime, you have nothing to lose. I will be always here for you ~ Thinking Of You Quotes

Quote 18
I am thinking about you. You broke me. But break me free, I am used to it. Tell me that you will come, after that leave me. Tell me that you love me and after that go and kiss other lips. Break me. I am used to it.

Quote 19
I am thinking about you, and I know that the easiest thing is to spin and continue. But the hardest thing is to stay and try to believe again.

Quote 20
Is it really was a lie? Every tech? Hug? Smile? Kiss? I am thinking about you and I am disappoint because I know that on the words shouldn’t be taken seriously. And no. I don’t belie in them, but you deceived me with body, because every time when you were hug me your body twinkled.

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