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Quote 1

The tragedy is when women become like their mothers, and when men don’t become like their fathers.

Quote 2

A bachelor man is incomplete until he gets married, after that he will be finished.

Popular Quotes 3

Children are the one that brighten the household; I’ll prove it when the electricity bill comes.

Quote 4

When you can’t find your kids in the house, turn off the internet, they will come running to you.

Quote 5

When no one is there to get you when you fall, I’ll always be there, sincerely, the floor.

Popular Quotes 6

You like flowers, and you cut them, you love animals, and you eat them, you say that you love me, I’m scared now.

Quote 7

My pillow is my hairstylist, give me a new hairstyle every morning.

Quotes 8

If plan A fails, there are still 25 alphabets left.

Quote 9

Dear math, please get over your love, I can’t find you x every time. 

Quote 10

Nobody notices you when you cry or when you’re worried, but when you fart just one time, you get famous.

Quote 11

You can trust your puppy to guard your house, but never your socks.

Quote 12

Why is it to me that the path to success is always under construction?

Quotes 13

I’m not weird, I’m just a limited edition.

Quote 14

If you don’t trust me, I can swear to drunk that I am not God.

Quote 15

I have been lied to all my time, I had to the packet of potato chips, and they told me that air is free.

Quote 16

Yes, they say follow your heart, but do take your brain with you for safety purposes.

Quote 17

No, I don’t believe in ghost, but when it’s dark, I’m a bit more open minded.

Quote 18

Negative thinking is when you think you are ugly; positive thinking is when you think you are a beautiful monkey.

Popular Quotes 19

You don’t call me short; you just call me down to earth kind of person.

Quote 20

Of all the services I offer, sarcasm is my favourite, will give you hundred person discount.

Quote 21

I’m out of my mind, for now, will be back for a while.

Quote 22

Being normal is so boring that I love to be me.

Quotes 23

I wish that my marriage invitation has the expired date, well every other thing have it.

Popular Quotes 24

Life is very short, so smile while you have teeth.

Quote 25

So you want to fight, alright bring it on, I have my caps lock on.

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